Welcome! Come on in and join the Bassetlaw Food Bank team on the journey to provide households within the Bassetlaw area with food parcels and support to decrease food poverty and insecurity in the area.

In this blog we’ll be talking about how Bassetlaw Food Bank is run, what changes BFB has been through since the beginning of 2020, how it is always evolving to increase efficiency and the ways in which you can offer your own support and get support if needed. We’ll also be running a meet the team series where you get to know a bit about the team members and what goes on in the day-to-day running of the charity as well as busting any common myths about Food Banks and the support they provide to individuals and families alike.

BFB is located at the CSL Centre in Manton. But prior to March 2020 (aka pre-lockdown one) it was based at two sites, one in Worksop on Lowtown Street and the other in Retford on Exchange Street. The move to the CSL Centre has been positive for us at BFB because it’s given us more space to store donated items, and with the extra space it’s allowed us to be more efficient in terms of how we ensure that stock is kept and rotated so that any waste is minimalised.

Our output of food parcels has seen a significant increase over the last year. Covid-19 has seen a rise in financial uncertainty with many having lost jobs or been living on a decreased wage or in otherwise unforeseen circumstance. As a result more people have fallen into hard times which means that we’ve been delivering more food parcels on a daily basis. We’ve more than doubled the amount of people we provide food parcels to since before Covid-19 and now help between 130-150 individuals each week!


We have multiple social media channels where you can keep up to date with the happenings at the Food Bank:

Instagram: bassetlaw_food_bank

Facebook: Bassetlaw FoodBank

Twitter: BassetlawB


If you’re in need of a referral you can contact the Bassetlaw District Council at 01909 533 533. Also, if you have any questions and wish to make contact you can email BFB Manager Robert Garland at info@bassetlawfoodbank.org. Additionally, if you wish to be a part of the team you can find out more about our Volunteering Opportunities here, and you can contact us at admin@bassetlawfoodbank.org.


We have many different donation points in Worksop and the surrounding areas. You can find our weekly updated list of items we currently need here.

Donation points:

Bassetlaw Food Bank – CSL Centre Manton

Worksop – Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys and One Stop Shop (Kilton)

Carlton-in-Lindrick: Co-op

Retford: Morrisons and Lidl

Misterton: Co-op


Thanks for taking the time to read BFB Blog, we hope to see you again next time!