How and why we started


In 2012, a group of community, Church and statutory agencies came together to look at the increase in food poverty. It was becoming evident that more and more people in the UK were having to rely on food banks to prevent hunger. Existing avenues of support just could not meet the demand. There was a need to provide support for the people of Bassetlaw.


Bassetlaw Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organisation which distributes food parcels to people who are suffering genuine hardship and poverty in Bassetlaw. It is a local independent food bank, which supports the local community and is supported in return.

It provides emergency support to those who have received an approved referral from recognised, front line and professional organisations. These organisations are also able to support or signpost clients to other support agencies to help them resolve their crisis.


Bassetlaw Food Bank does not receive any formal funding to support to the people of Worksop, Retford and surrounding villages. We are extremely grateful of the donations and funds that we receive from businesses, community groups and the public. We are also proud to be supported by a large team of volunteers. Without their support we would not be able to help those in need.

People who use our services

One of the biggest misconceptions about food banks is that they are ONLY for those with chaotic lifestyles. This is untrue. There is no specific ‘profile’ of who is likely to need the support of a food bank. Through the regular evaluation of our data, we know that too many families from all backgrounds in Bassetlaw and surrounding areas are struggling to make ends meet. Most of our clients are just ordinary people who have hit hard times be that a sudden loss of a job or an unexpected bill.

Bassetlaw Food Bank Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed increasing strain on all our mental and physical health. It also pushed families across Bassetlaw closer to the brink and we have seen and increased need for our support. With the help of BVCS and Bassetlaw District Council, the Food Bank moved into a COVID-19 secure food-hub in March 2020 and started distributing support parcels from our new home. We continue to support families in need across Bassetlaw.

Food Bank Manager

Robert Garland –