Fruit & Veg’ Box

Subsidised Fruit & Veg’ Boxes.

Bassetlaw Food Bank has received funding for a subsidised Fruit & Veg’ box scheme.

    As part of Bassetlaw Food Bank’s strategy to help those experiencing food insecurity, we are very keen to promote health eating opportunities for families in need in Bassetlaw.

    Those signed up for the scheme receive two boxes a month, delivered to their home, for £4 each. The content of the boxes will be worth around £15. Households can sign up to the scheme for a six months.

    To be eligible for the scheme you must live in Bassetlaw and be receiving one of the benefits listed below, or have been referred by a partner agency.

    As there is a high for the scheme we are currently prioritising people who have not been on the scheme previously.



    We want to say a huge thank you to Phil at Priory Fruit Shop for supplying and delivering the wonderful boxes!

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