It’s not every day that you see one of your star volunteers and staff members on TV! But last Friday we had the chance to see volunteer, Nancy, and Operations Manager, Ellen, on the big screen. To mark National Volunteer’s Week, Bargain Hunt premiered a special episode to say a huge ‘thanks’ to volunteers across the nation.

Nancy and Ellen are long time friends and both volunteer at the other’s workplace. Nancy supports at the food bank, doing whatever is needed whether that be date checking food donations or planting flowers in the Grow It, Fix It gardens, and Ellen, who has a background in historical conservation helps at a National Trust property, The Workhouse, in Southwell.

They had the chance to appear on the show and took the opportunity with both hands. Filming for the episode took place over the course of two days in April. Day one’s mission, to find three items at the antiques fair with a £300 budget and a task set by presenter, Natasha, and day two saw the auction take place, the aim of the game to see who found the best bargains.

In between the bargain hunting and the auction Nancy and Ellen, both avid crocheters, made it their mission to crochet a mini ‘Team Red’ cardigan, embossed with the Bargain Hunt logo. The cardigan was gifted to presenter, Natasha, for her young baby. It even made it into Hello Magazine! And they’re currently working on crocheting two more cardigans, another red and one blue, to be sold at a Children in Need auction later this year.

Fair warning, there are spoilers below so if you’ve not already had chance to see the episode, you can find it on BBC iPlayer where you’re sure to be entertained by Team Red!

They both had a great experience, with Nancy saying:

“I had an amazing time taking part in the Big Help Out episode of Bargain Hunt with Ellen. Having been a part of voluntary organisations all my life it felt slightly surreal to be on BBC One celebrating and highlighting volunteering. Over the years volunteering has given me the chance to do some incredible things alongside being able to meet new people, having fun and getting to take part in worthwhile ventures.”

“I never know exactly what I’m going to be asked to do each time I come to the Food Bank for my volunteering shift and I love the variety of things I’ve been able to do. From planting lavender, taking part in a graffiti workshop or date checking the cans of soup I know I will come away feeling I have helped in some small way as part of the volunteering team.”

The dynamic duo made an impressive £78 profit from the auction. We’re proud of their achievement and were nicely surprised when they chose to donate the winnings to BFB!

“Before the auction Ellen and I had both agreed that if we did make a profit we wanted to donate the money, but we never expected we would be able to donate the amount we did to the food bank! I know that every penny donated helps out with all the amazing projects they do for the community so I’m so pleased we were able to hand over £78!”, commented Nancy.

Their donation will fund three emergency food parcels and support Bassetlaw residents dealing with food insecurity. Thank you Ellen and Nancy for your hard work and continued commitment to the charity sector!