Support for Community Groups and Organisations

Bassetlaw Food Bank can offer support for Community Groups and Organisations by providing food packages for those planning Lunch Clubs, Coffee Mornings and warm spaces.

What we can offer:

  1. Tea, coffee, sugar, long life milk and biscuits.  Tell us the number and we will drop sufficient supplies for your session. 50p per head minimum £10 (24 hours notice)


  1. Soup and roll. We can provide catering sized powdered soup that just requires water and heating up, along with a bread roll (this can be fresh or frozen) and provide disposable bowls and cutlery. All will be delivered on the morning of (or Friday if happening at the weekend). It will be at cost but as a rough guide, a maximum cost including bowl etc will be around £1.30. If you just want soup and roll then this will reduce to approx’ 90p per portion.  If you let us know your exact requirements we will come up with a cost. (48 hours notice required. Minimum 20 portion order)


  1. Fresh home-made soup (which will be frozen in 15 person portions). This will need heating up and be provided with roll and disposable consumables if required. Total Max cost per person £1.70 (or if just soup and roll around £1.20 a portion). This will be delivered on the morning of your event, or a Friday if happening at the weekend. Example of fresh soups available are, Leek and Potato, Vegetable etc. (96 hours notice).


  1. Chicken or Steak pie, Cottage pie, Beef & onion cobbler etc. (vegetarian options on request). 12 portion pies that just need cooking/reheating in an oven. These can be supplied with vegetables & potatos and with a simple dessert, such as rice pudding with jam, at a cost of approximately £4.00 per portion (minimum 12 portions) including delivery. We would need 5 working days notice for this service and again we can tailor the option to suit your plans. We can also provide disposable plates and cutlery if required.


The food will be produced by either our in house Cook and volunteer team, who are fully food hygiene trained, or by the Fair Share development kitchen in Nottingham, with disposable supplies coming from our wholesaler.  The kitchens used are 5 star rated by the EHO. 

We have due diligence in place for temperature control and we will deliver the products out in chilled commercial cool bags so that you can be confident you are receiving a wholesome safe product.  We will also do our best to cater to any specific dietary needs and will be able to provide a costing for this service based on any requests.

If you want any more information, or want to call in at the BFB Food Hub based in Manton, please drop us and email to: or give us a call on 01909 473078 . We will be happy to have a conversation about supporting your needs.