Since September 2021 we have been running a Lunch Club and in May of 2022 we relocated from Worksop to the Harworth and Bircotes Town Council as there was greater demand for sessions. Then in August, thanks to funding from The Wheatcroft Fund, we employed a Lunch Club Cook to oversee the sessions, organise and prepare the menu, and create a friendly atmosphere for attendees alongside our wonderful volunteers.

Meet Lynn, Lunch Club Cook:

What does a day as Lunch Club Cook look like?

After arriving I assign jobs to Denise and Steve, our volunteers, and prepare the food for the day. It’s always a fun time with the Town Council workers and staff popping in to say “Hello!”. After cooking, service starts at 12:30pm and customers start to arrive around 12pm. It’s always a busy service with lots of banter, which I enjoy. After cleaning down we finish at about 2pm.


How does Lunch Club impact members of the community?

It has a positive impact and at this time of year it is nice to see customers coming in not just for a hot meal, but interacting, meeting new friends and generally socialising.


How do volunteers support Lunch Club?

Volunteers always turn up on time with a positive attitude. They assist the kitchen in all aspects including the preparation of food, cooking and service. They also support with a happy demeanour, which helps.


What is your favourite part of your role?

I enjoy the planning of the meals, but my favourite part is making the customers happy and getting good feedback.

Left to right: Volunteer Denise, Operational Support Supervisor Darren and Lunch Club Cook Lynn.

With the recent refurbishment of the Harworth and Bircotes Town Council kitchen, including the installation of a new cooker, we’re able to expand session capacity from 50 to 80.

If you are interest in attending then please contact Harworth and Bircotes Town Council by email or by calling 01302 759037 to book a place.