Meet Darren, Head of Warehouse at Bassetlaw Food Bank, well-loved member of the team and cake taster extraordinaire.


Hi Darren. When did you start at the food bank?

I started volunteering full-time in November 2020.

How has the food bank had a positive impact on you personally?

It has improved my self-confidence and made me feel like a better person inside as I think I am making a difference in my local community. I have learnt new skills and become qualified in food hygiene and tasting cakes!

What is a typical day like for you?

I get up at 6am and get to the food bank for 8am. I check the warehouse and temperatures on the fridges and freezers, triage calls and fill out the packing lists so volunteers know what to pack for each household.

What’s changed since you started?

The full warehouse has changed for the better as we have redesigned it. It is more efficient, also now that we have started the triage of the calls ourselves we are getting a better picture of people’s needs as we speak directly to the service users.

What’s one thing you want the public to know about us/food banks in general?

I would like people to know that when they use the food bank it is confidential. This is important as I think there are people that need help but may be too afraid to ask for help as they don’t want people to know that they are getting food parcels.


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know another member of the team here at Bassetlaw Food Bank!

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