In July we were able to offer an exciting opportunity for a two week work experience. It was great to have Daisy as a part of the team and we’re glad that she had a great time with us! To find out how she got on at Bassetlaw Food Bank keep reading…

“My name is Daisy Evison, I am a recent university graduate and was looking to undertake some voluntary work experience over the summer. I contacted Robert Garland at Bassetlaw Food Bank through the recommendation of a friend’s parent, who also works in the charity sector.

I did two weeks of voluntary work experience at the food bank, and originally had little to no experience or knowledge of how this area of charity worked, or how it would be organised. Since completing my work experience, I have great admiration for the efficiency of the organisation, and the passionate nature of all the workers there, both of which continue to ensure that the food bank reaches those who need it and runs incredibly well as a charity. I learnt many skills while volunteering there, including triaging, organising stock, and data management, all of which allowed me to understand how the charity runs smoothly across various platforms.

Despite volunteering for only a short time, I also gained a significant insight into how vital food banks are for communities, and the unique importance of this charity sector, as I witnessed the impact of the charity’s aid first-hand through various deliveries and collections.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with other volunteers and employees at the food bank, as the atmosphere there was incredibly positive and uplifting, which also allowed me to ease into the environment and reminded me why I am so passionate about charity work.”


If you or someone you know is in need of a food parcel please visit our referral page for more information .